Monday, December 19, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 12/19/16 Newport News, VA

Family and friends,

This week was a super good week! I'm trying to think what happened but it's hard because this past week flew by. Let's see. We met a really nice family from Cuba this week. They've only been in the United States for about a month. They're looking for jobs and currently don't have a car, so they have to walk everywhere. They think Virginia is the coldest place in the world haha. But they're super nice and humble, and since they currently don't have steady jobs they are home quite a bit during the day. So we've been able to see them quite a bit. Cuban Spanish is quite a bit different than normal Spanish though, so we have to stay on our toes! 

We also got invited to go to a birthday party with one of our investigators. It was his sons birthday. We had a really good chocolate mole there, along with some ensalada de fruta and also a pineapple/coconut cake. I find it funny that for birthday parties, Hispanics always have the person bite the cake then someone else shoves their face into the cake. It ruins probably a quarter of the cake, but it's pretty fun! 

Let's see...with Christmas coming up we sure are excited! It's been great talking to people around this time of year, because they are a lot more open to talk about Jesus Christ. This time of year is so great with all of the time we have to focus on Him, and celebrate His birth.

I'm also grateful to be where I am for Christmas. The people here are so great. The only problem is that they all want us over for Christmas! So we're going to have to work some things out. But, Merry Christmas to y'all! I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ. And for this time we have to focus on him.


Elder Adams 

Newport News Spanish Branch Missionaries

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