Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-29-16 Morehead City, NC

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has gone by fast. Let me see what was a fairly normal week as far as the work. We met some new people from Ecuador. The husband is white but he met his wife in Ecuador while he was going around the world surfing. They both speak Spanish. He can speak English, but right now she can't really speak any English. It's actually pretty cool how we met them. Last week at church they just...showed up! Out of the blue. No one had invited them. Well we of course went and talked to them. It turns out, that she was a member when she was little but has been inactive for lots of years. Well she wants to start coming back to church. So she brought her husband who doesn't really know much about church. But he wants to learn more, and we were able to teach them a few times this week. They both are really big into surfing and tell us all the best local places to find good waves. 

Also we had a few more really good lessons with our investigator Alex. We had a practice baptismal interview and he is ready and on schedule to be interviewed this Saturday! It's crazy how much I love that guy. 

I'm trying to think what else happened. I think that's about all for this week. So life is just great! Til next time! 

-Elder Adams 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-22-16 Morehead City, NC


This week has been a good week. It went by pretty fast. We had some really great experiences this week. One of which was being fed by a member that didn't really have any money. She fed us a mixture of random things that she had left over and around the house. Rice, tuna, and broccoli. We ate out of little plastic bowls and we used our hands because she didn't have any forks or spoons. It was clear that she didn't have a lot so we didn't eat too much, but enough to show her that we appreciated it. Well it turns out the next day after she fed us, someone randomly put 170 dollars on her card for Food Lion. So she told us the next day, almost in tears, how she knew the Lord was watching out for her.

Let's see what else happened this week. Ah. We taught this lady the Word of Wisdom, and we actually ended up walking out of her house with her coffee machine so...I'd say the lesson went well! Also we taught our investigator Alex several times. We taught him the law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and Law of Tithing. He only has a problem with coffee and he is supposed to be giving it up this week so wish him luck! He is from Honduras and has long hair, he wears it in a man bun. His mom doesn't like his hair because supposedly that's how the gangsters would have their hair in Honduras, but he does it like that just because he thinks it looks good. His baptismal date is currently the 12 of March so hopefully he can make it!

Nothing else spectacular has really happened this week. But we are working really hard!

I know that I'm supposed to be out here and I love testifying daily of Jesus Christ. He truly is our Savior.

Until next week!

-Elder Adams

It's not often that a missionary gets to serve in an area he has been to as he was growing up, but that's the case with Harrison right now.  As a family we went to Emerald Island ten times while Harrison was growing up.  Here are some pictures of him at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium by the alligator.

Harrison and Paige Summer 2001
Jordan, Bryn, Paige, and Harrison Summer 2007
Elder Harrison Adams February 15, 2016
Missionaries at Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium
Elder Adams at Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium
Elder Ryan Mickelson (Alpine) and Elder Harrison Adams at Atlantic Beach

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-15-16 Morehead City, NC

Family and Friends,

This week has been a good week. We taught thirty lessons again so that was really exciting. We also had three investigators at church and were able to set our most solid investigator with a baptismal date for the 27 of February. We still have a lot to teach him though, so we hope he will be able to make it!

Let me see what else happened this week. We get together with the English Elders every morning to play basketball at the church. This morning though we were able to get a few members to come out with us, so we played a few pickup games! It was really fun.

Nothing much has really happened this past week. It's just been busy with lots of work!

Oh right quick, some members are taking us today to the aquarium. So we are all excited to go with them there! I'll be sure to have photos next week.


Elder Adams 

Elder Harrison Adams 2-8-16 Morehead City, NC

Family and Friends,

This week has been a good week. Finally our gym has been opened, so we go every morning for exercise to play basketball. Today we had eight different people show up, members and such from the ward. So we were able to play a pickup game.

Other news, the Panthers lost. Everyone here I'm sure will be a little upset. People got really excited. Last night we weren't able to teach anyone. They were all too busy watching the game! The good news, now I will be able to find a Panthers shirt for pretty cheap!

For lessons this week it has been pretty good. We had a lesson on the waterfront in Beaufort. It was beautiful. We even saw some wild horses running on the island. We also were able to teach a man who only spoke Portuguese. It was really cool how the languages were so similar that we could teach him. There were words that we didn't know, and the same with him, but we were able to work around that small barrier. Although he was not able to read in Spanish, I guess written Spanish and Portuguese are pretty different.

We also had our investigator Alex come to church for the third time. He is getting really close to baptism. The sincerity of his heart still amazes me. Every time before he prays he takes a long time to think of what words he is going to use. I've learned a lot from his example. He also said something about prayer that I think we can all apply. "Silence speaks more than empty words." I really know that prayer is sacred communication between us and Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for this tool we have, and testify that He is listening.

I hope you all have a good week. Much love. 

Elder Adams 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-1-16 Morehead City, NC

This has probably been the fastest week on my mission so far. I really don't feel like any time has passed since last Monday. But in this week we have also gotten a lot of work done! And we have seen a lot of miracles. But before I share all of that, of course I have to share some things that I have learned or other experiences I've had this week!
So down here.

In the "south" (Really North Carolina isn't too far south on a map) they have a different way of giving directions. I learned a new term that almost everyone here uses. It's called a "farsee."So, a farsee, is when you go from where you are standing to as far as you can see. But people use more than one farsee at a time which I don't really understand how that can be accurate. Oh well though! Just something cool that I learned.

This week Elder Mickelson and I were driving down a road, and we got to the end of the road which was just a circle. But in this circle, there were hundreds of crushed shells. So we were wondering what all of these shells came from, because we hadn't seen this anywhere else. While we were talking about it, a shell fell from the sky right in front of our car! Then a seagull came down, and ate the clam or whatever it was. So we noticed then that a bunch of seagulls would come to this place, fly up high, and then drop the shell on the pavement. Then they would come down and eat the creature living inside the cracked shell. I hadn't really ever heard of that before so I also found that interesting!

Also this week I got to ride on a bike for the first time in my mission! We went on exchanges with the Elders in Havelock so I went up there with Elder Wright and we rode bikes. It was pretty fun actually! It was nice to have a little change.

A little side note too. It's been fun to see how my Spanish and the Spanish of Elder Mickelson compare. His Spanish is a lot different than mine. We have different tones and such. With the double l. I make a y sound. But he makes a cha sound. It's crazy how in the same mission we still learn different ways to speak Spanish. 

Finally, because we are literally surrounded by beaches here, we decided this morning to go play sand volleyball with the English Elders. It was really fun, we had some pretty good games going. While we were playing there was a thunderstorm over the ocean. So it was really neat to see the flashes across the sky and reflections in the ocean of the lightning.

This week has been really fun, but we've also been really busy teaching lots of people. We taught thirty lessons this week, which is double what the mission wide goal is. The majority of these lessons as well were with less active members. But, we have seen lots of blessings come fromm this.

Yesterday at church we had two less active members attend. One who hadn't been for six years, and another who hadn't been for eight! In addition to that, we had an investigator come to church. He really enjoyed sacrament meeting, and in our Gospel Principles class after it basically just turned into a Q and A. He would ask a question, and then members would answer it, sharing their testimony along with their other comments. Finally, we went to the third hour. This Sunday was a little different, because we had a combined meeting with all classes about missionary work. We were about to close the lesson, we had watched some videos and had some discussions, but then our investigator stood up and said he would like to share something. Keep in mind, we weren't having a discussion that was open for people to share comments. Well, he got in front of EVERYONE, and started talking about how he feels. How he feels good. How this church is good. Then, he turned to us. Me and elder Mickelson. And said "These here are my two best friends. I love them so much. And they have helped me know God more. I've only known the missionaries for the past six months, but they have changed my life and continue to do so." We have seen many miracles here already.

It's nice working with Elder Mickelson again.

Thank y’all so much. I love you all.

-Elder Adams

Harrison also mentioned that he has been to Beaufort about eight times, and to Atlantic Beach about four.

He has dinner appointments almost every day and doesn't get as much hispanic food...lots of pasta and such.  He did try grits for the first time.  Surprisingly, he hasn't had any seafood yet.

We sent him a picture of his cousin, Josh, at the top of Snowbird Ski Resort.  He says he misses the mountains!

Harkers Island Shore.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse in the far distance.

Harkers Island Water Tower.

Reeds at Atlantic Beach.

Sunrise at Atlantic Beach.

Pier by Atlantic Beach.

Atlantic Beach Water Tower.

Sandy path to the beach at Atlantic Beach.

Elders' home in Morehead City (notice conch shells in the front yard).