Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-8-16 Morehead City, NC

Family and Friends,

This week has been a good week. Finally our gym has been opened, so we go every morning for exercise to play basketball. Today we had eight different people show up, members and such from the ward. So we were able to play a pickup game.

Other news, the Panthers lost. Everyone here I'm sure will be a little upset. People got really excited. Last night we weren't able to teach anyone. They were all too busy watching the game! The good news, now I will be able to find a Panthers shirt for pretty cheap!

For lessons this week it has been pretty good. We had a lesson on the waterfront in Beaufort. It was beautiful. We even saw some wild horses running on the island. We also were able to teach a man who only spoke Portuguese. It was really cool how the languages were so similar that we could teach him. There were words that we didn't know, and the same with him, but we were able to work around that small barrier. Although he was not able to read in Spanish, I guess written Spanish and Portuguese are pretty different.

We also had our investigator Alex come to church for the third time. He is getting really close to baptism. The sincerity of his heart still amazes me. Every time before he prays he takes a long time to think of what words he is going to use. I've learned a lot from his example. He also said something about prayer that I think we can all apply. "Silence speaks more than empty words." I really know that prayer is sacred communication between us and Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for this tool we have, and testify that He is listening.

I hope you all have a good week. Much love. 

Elder Adams 

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