Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 2-29-16 Morehead City, NC

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has gone by fast. Let me see what was a fairly normal week as far as the work. We met some new people from Ecuador. The husband is white but he met his wife in Ecuador while he was going around the world surfing. They both speak Spanish. He can speak English, but right now she can't really speak any English. It's actually pretty cool how we met them. Last week at church they just...showed up! Out of the blue. No one had invited them. Well we of course went and talked to them. It turns out, that she was a member when she was little but has been inactive for lots of years. Well she wants to start coming back to church. So she brought her husband who doesn't really know much about church. But he wants to learn more, and we were able to teach them a few times this week. They both are really big into surfing and tell us all the best local places to find good waves. 

Also we had a few more really good lessons with our investigator Alex. We had a practice baptismal interview and he is ready and on schedule to be interviewed this Saturday! It's crazy how much I love that guy. 

I'm trying to think what else happened. I think that's about all for this week. So life is just great! Til next time! 

-Elder Adams 

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