Monday, November 2, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 11-2-15 Newport News, VA

The Week of Halloween,

Well this week I had my first official holiday while out on my mission. All of the missionaries say that Halloween is like a reverse normal day for a missionary. Normally we're out knocking on doors and people are hiding from us. But on Halloween people knock on our door and we don't answer.

Well, my family sent me candy for Halloween. So I was ready to handout some of that candy if anyone came to our door (and maybe a picture of Jesus to the parents), but no one knocked on our door so that was a little disappointing. But I guess that where we live is pretty dangerous, so no one around our area really knocks on doors. Instead, they go to the city center and all of the stores hand out candy. But we didn't know that until after the fact!

We had a rule in Halloween that we needed to be in the house at 7, for our safety. So we did a little bit of area book, made a few calls, planned for tomorrow, but then we were done with everything. So for Halloween we sat around a small table playing Uno. And also, we had forgotten that it was Halloween, so we had started our fast for fast Sunday then realized we couldn't eat any of the candy we had—haha. So that was my first Holiday on the mission!

We are currently planning a "noche de espanidad" (Hispanic Night) and I am really looking forward to that, mostly for the food. Spanish food is so good. I don't know how I ever didn't like beans before my mission, because it's one of the main things I eat now. Some fun stories this week. We kept passing by a house, and this cute little girl (she was probably about 5), would always run out when we walked by and say "Hi church people!" And then her mom would grab her and take her back inside because she didn't want to talk to us. But whenever we would pass again she would do the same thing.

Also, I found out I am going on exchanges either this week or the next with a missionary that only speaks English. But we will be here in our Spanish zone. So it will be me and him, which means I will have to translate back and forth, and I won't have anyone there to help me. So I'm looking forward to that! It should be fun.

The people in our branch are so nice. There is a lady that makes us banana bread every week, and also marshmallow fudge. We always eat at "Abuelita’s" (Little Grandma’s) every Tuesday, and she is the lady that feeds us impossible amounts of food. We never eat dinner the day before or breakfast that morning, and we always pray that we can eat it all before so we don't offend her. Also, the Martinez family has us over each Thursday for dinner. They are super loveable, and are from Panama. Their son, named Aldo, always loves to talk with us. He is about thirty-five years old if I remember right, and he always comes out with us whenever we need a lesson with another member. But while we were over there at dinner this week he was telling us a bunch of riddles. Here is one that I liked a lot. "What's bigger than God, more powerful than the devil, rich people don't have it, but poor people do. And if you eat it, you'll die?" The answer is, nothing.

Other than that, this week hasn't been too eventful. We've been struggling to get lessons, and to get people to church as well. But we'll continue to work hard.

I realize that I haven't said much about my companion, Elder Berry. He is twenty-three years old, and is from American fork. His dad is a veterinarian, so he always goes up and plays with any animal we see. He is always happy, and we get along pretty well. He is really big into running, so we do that quite a bit. 

That's all I have time for right now. I'd just like to share a quick scripture that really impressed me this week. Moses 1:39. It's incredible to think that we can help in many ways to bring to pass His work and His glory.

I love you all so much, and love hearing about everything that's going on in your lives back home! Sorry if there are some days I don't get to respond to everything, I have very limited time.


Elder Adams 

This is me with the old zone leaders and other set of Spanish elders. On the left is Elder Berry, me, Elder Edwards, Elder Wardell, and Elder Martinez.  

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