Monday, October 26, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 10-26-15 Newport News, VA

Family and friends,

Well I guess this is my weekly letter for the week! To start off I just want to talk about something I mentioned in my last letter—pupusas. We learned how to make them on Friday night, and then we ate them, and they were amazing. They look a lot like pancakes, and in essence are a reverse taco. I don't know how else to explain them. But you cook them, but some onions and salsa on top of them, delicious!

Okay also, on the way to church I always see a lighthouse, and I have no idea what lighthouse it is. And it's been bugging me! So if any of y’all could tell me which one it is, let me know! From what I can see it's red and white with a diamond pattern of some sort. (Kristy and I looked up the lighthouse—it’s the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, pictured below)

Also another exciting thing about this week was that it was my first transfer here on the mission field. Luckily I still get to stay in the same area with Elder Berry, but a few of the friends I have made are moving out! Elder Edwards, another Spanish speaking Elder is being transferred down to Kinston North Carolina. And also one of our zone leaders, Elder Wardell, is going down to Greenville, also in North Carolina.

Oh but some exciting news, the Nags Head area is now open to Elders, including Spanish Elders. Maybe I'll get a chance at some point during my mission to go there!

One more thing that I always forgot to write in these letters, I've been meaning to send this for a while....So in our mission we have a mission hymn. It is "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy." Needless to say this hymn took on a different meaning now that I'm a missionary, but also as a mission we have added one last verse to the end of this song. Here it is:

Chesapeake, your faith is shining,
As the lights along the shore;
Reaching out to Father's Children,
Guiding each to Him once more.

Let the lower lights be burning;
Send a gleam across the wave.
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman,
You have rescued, you have saved.

Not too much has happened this week. We had to drop some investigators, because some of them wouldn't keep appointments, and others cussed us out through the door. So it's always sad when we have to do that.

Also the weather here is getting cold! It's different that Utah...because it will be forty degrees here, but with the humidity the cold gets inside your body and your bones feel cold. Forty degrees here on a cold day feels like ten degrees in Utah!

Yesterday we also had the chance to teach one of our investigators, Don Raffa. The lesson went well I think, but we were a little...not harsh, but bold with him. We've been teaching him a while and he still has a problem with being baptized again, so I hope that we showed enough love for him, but it was probably the most straight-forward I had ever been with someone about something. I'll let y’all know in the next letter how he took it, because honestly I have no idea.

And for whatever reason this week we have had a lot of trouble with Jesus being white.....I don't see why it matters what color Jesus is, so long as he suffered and atoned for us. People can get caught up in sometimes trivial things that aren't important for their salvation.

Well, honestly this week has been pretty normal. I finally gave into drinking out of jars. I tried to resist, but at peoples’ houses that's all you ever drink out of. And for whatever reason, when you drink something out of a mason jar, it just tastes better. Also, whenever we aren't proselyting, I someone find a toothpick in my mouth. I also tried to fight that habit, but after a while it's just something that you do.

It's kind of hard being a Spanish missionary in an English area. Haha I can feel my communication skill in the English language going down, as my Spanish ability goes up. But sometimes when we are contacting people on the street, we will just have finished a lesson. And I will go to talk to someone, but I talk to them in Spanish. So then either they give me a really weird look or just get offended. Sometimes that is hard, but also it's fun when you start talking to someone in English and you can tell they don't really understand, so you just slip into Spanish and then they are so grateful that you speak Spanish!

Last thing, in the mail this week I received two different things. Both were fantastic and made my day. First I received a package from Aunt Marci and Uncle Pascal that had some Halloween decorations and some candy. Needless to say the candy was gone in a matter of hours. But now we have the decorations in our apartment and it helps set the mood a little! After that I received letters from Hannah. Which made me really happy, to know that everything is going fine back home.

That's all I have for this week, until next time!

-Elder Adams

Last week we were surprised to get two photos texted to us from a Church member in Newport News.  Here they are:

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