Monday, October 19, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 10-19-15 Newport News, VA

This week I had the chance to eat at lots of members houses! To start off we ate at the Branch President’s house, President Ojeda. We had a chicken dish with a dark chocolate mole covering it. It was different, but good. I don't think I quite got over the fact that it tasted like chicken covered in chocolate, and it had a kick to it as well. After that we had some rice type of dish that melted in your mouth. It was really good! Also to drink, we had "agua de piña"  or pineapple water. I've never had it before but it was really good and I'd recommend it to person who would like to try it.

After that, we ate at the Flores house. It was really good as well. We had flat hard shell tacos. So they had this chicken that they had cooked for a while, with peppers and a bunch of other good stuff, and then we just put it on the tacos and ate them. It was fantastic. Also to drink we had a melon drink. It was made out of cantaloupe. It was really strong, but very good. I felt a little bad though, after we were done eating the sister basically gave us half of her fridge to take home with us. My companion tried to tell her that we didn't need that much food, but she said "elders, what I give you, you take." So now we have a bunch of food! I don't think we even need to go shopping today haha!

Finally, we had a meal at the Fradays’ house. Brother Fraday is from Mexico, but he now works for the army. So we got to go to the Fort Eusits military base to eat with them. We had to go through a security check, and they made us get out of the car, checked our ID's, and a bunch of other stuff. The Fraydays are pretty lonely because they don't have anyone to visit them other than missionaries. Other people would like to visit them, but basically everyone here is illegal so they wouldn't be able to make it through a security check. So the Fraydays really like when we come and visit. For dinner with them we had these tacos that were folded together, with fresh cheese and really good salsa. And we got to eat tres leches for dessert. So those were the meals we had this week, and also the branch is having an activity this Friday where they will be making pupusas. Anywho, everyone talks about how good they are so I'm pretty excited. I'll let y’all know in my next email how they were.

Oh, another quick thing about food that I have learned real fast. There is a big difference between the way people define "spicy." If you ask someone from South America if something is spicy, and they say no, you're going to be fine. It someone from Central America says that something is fairly spicy, you've been warned. And if someone from Mexico tells you that it's not spicy at all, be prepared to eat the hottest thing you've ever eaten in your life. Haha. That so far is my survival guide for food.

Also this week we had the chance to go on exchanges with the other Spanish Elders. It went really well. I was with Elder Edwards, who is from Riverton Utah. We had a good time.

So I thought I would just give a list of some of the names of people we teach, hopefully y’all will get a little laugh out of it. Okay here it is (there are just some of the people we have taught, not all): Carlos, Carlos, Maria, Maria, Marina, Raisa, Daisy, Oscar, Juan, Juan, Juan, Pablo, Eduardo, Aldo, Edwin, Dulce, Edgar, Elisas, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose, Ricardo, Richard, and Alexander. As you could imagine, I have a hard time keeping track of which Jose is which.

I don't really have anything else to say, except for one small problem we have been having recently in our branch. So because our branch is made up of basically all recent converts, there have been some incorrect doctrines being taught in a few Sunday classes. Not intentionally, they all have great hearts, they just don't know better. So as missionaries who have known the gospel for quite a while, we now have to have a pair of us sit in to every class and give "loving corrective advice" whenever something is a little out of line or off topic. So that makes church a little more interesting, that's for sure. But I love it here. The people are great, and the food is great as well!

Elder Adams

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