Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 10/12/15 Newport News, VA

Well, my first exchange was a little strange! So this week I had the chance to go on exchanges with Elder Wardell. My zone leader. And it was different for sure. So he only speaks English so for the whole day we taught people in English. I met some really great people, and also some really nasty people. I've never been cussed at more in my life! Maybe I have while I'm teaching people in Spanish, I just don't know the words haha. But one person invited us in their home, sat us down, and then started talking to us for about an hour saying how we were children of the Devil and that we worshipped false prophets and that we were going to hell. It wasn't very fun of course. But we left that house, went to the next house, and found a super sweet old lady that let us in and we had a really great lesson with her. That's typically how a mission life is I feel. You get discouraged, and then you feel super blessed. Kind of like back home in a way. I'd have a hard day, but then Hannah or my family would do something to cheer me up and then the rest of the day would just be good! But it's a constant rollercoaster!


But I find it very interesting that the people that I've met who are the rudest, all claim to be really religious. I think there something can be learned from this. I hope we can all be nice to people, even though they might not have something you agree with.


So we had dinner at several members houses this week, and it was all super good! And also different. The first meal we had, the member went out in their backyard, cut up a cactus, and came in and cooked it! We ate the fruit on the cactus, and also just the cactus itself. It wasn't half bad actually. It wasn't amazing by any means, but I'd eat it again. Also a family from the Dominican Republic fed us some weird mix of eggplant and other things. It was also decent, and they invited us over for Thanksgiving to have a Thanksgiving from the D. Republic. So we are looking forward to that. Okay, that's really all for this week! A few crazy experiences but overall it was a pretty fun week.


-Elder Adams

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