Thursday, October 1, 2015

Letter from Elder Adams' mission president regarding Hurricane Joaquin

1 October 2015

Dear Families of Virginia Chesapeake Mission Missionaries,

You are likely aware that hurricane Joaquin is making its way toward our mission.  My counselors and I are tracking the storm and are making plans to evacuate the missionaries inland.  One of my counselors has some expertise in this arena and is advising me regarding how far inland our missionaries need to be moved.

The coastal North Carolina missionaries will be moved inland to Greenville, Kinston, and Goldsboro and stay with missionaries in those areas.  Missionaries serving in Virginia Beach will move to the Chesapeake area of the mission and stay with missionaries there, and missionaries in Newport News will move up toward Williamsburg and will be housed with members.  Our Area Seventy is contacting stake presidents further west, outside of our mission, so that if we need to evacuate further inland we can house the missionaries in the Richmond and Chesterfield Stakes.

The safety of our missionaries is our highest priority, and we will move them ahead of any mass evacuation.  We have asked them to fill up their gas tanks immediately, and to pull together the appropriate emergency items in preparation to evacuate.  We will also advise them about appropriate safety measures, specifically that they should not drive, bike, or walk through flooded areas, and that they should not participate in any recovery efforts without my approval.

We will inform you of our actions as the situation develops.  We are grateful for each of our wonderful missionaries, and for your faith and prayers in their behalf.

With warm regards,

President Baker

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