Monday, October 5, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 10-5-15 Newport News, VA

Story of the week: Lots of rain and a hurricane! There wasn't a single day this week that we didn't get poured on! It rains so much, but it's a different feeling with the humidity. So when it rains we wear our jackets so our ties and such don't get ruined, but it's still super hot when it rains with the while we are getting hammered by rain on the outside we are still wet on the inside from our own sweat! It's pretty weird. But luckily the actual hurricane didn't ever hit us, but we for sure felt the effects of it!

Okay, now I have a somewhat sad story to tell. On Wednesday my companion and I were walking down a busy street, and someone in a car opened their window and threw out an apple at us. Well, it happened to hit me right beneath my eye. So for this past week I have had a slight gash on the side of my face and a pretty painful black eye. I'll include a picture, but I took the picture today so it has gone down quite a bit! We've had people throw stuff at us before, like eggs and such, but they've always missed. This week was the first time that they hit us. Oh well, what can you do?

So we had the wonderful chance to watch General Conference. It was fantastic, and I especially loved the last talk given by Elder Bednar. It was interesting watching it all in Spanish. We had it broadcast in a room, and all of the Hispanic people were there watching it with us. It was actually pretty funny. They were all really animated and excited about it. For example, whenever the choir would sing they would all mutter about how beautiful it was. Whenever someone talked about something sad they would all basically start to cry, and here is my favorite part. Whenever someone would mention Satan or something along those lines, they would all start to boo and some of them would even yell at the television. It was pretty funny.

So we had the chance to eat at the same house again this week. Hermana Cruz who feeds us massive amounts of food. This time though we prepared. I didn't eat dinner or breakfast before, I just drank lots of water to expand my stomach. Well it came time to eat, and needless to say I was a little nervous. The first thing she said when I walked in was "Last time I fed you like a bird. You are not a bird. This time you're going to eat how you are supposed to eat!" Haha. Luckily I was able to finish it all. But everyone says when they go to eat there they always end up praying that they can finish everything she gives us! She is super nice though. She calls us her children and I love her so much! She fed us this time this soup. It wasn't really soup. It was more like vegetables with a little bit of soup. Broccoli, sweet potatoes, beans, carrots, corn on the cob—all of my old enemies. Well I actually enjoyed the soup a lot! It had lots of flavor. After that she fed us some rice, beans, and chicken. I barely made it without losing my lunch, but I was able to do it. Also, she calls me "Monster" because my last name is Adams and she loved the Addams family series.

Okay. One story I've been meaning to tell for a while is the story of Oompa. I guess that this is a mission game. I don't know if it's played everywhere, but it for sure is here! Y'all would love this game. It's a mix between football, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. So here is how you play. You have a football. And you play on a basketball court. One team kicks it off to the other team. Then you pick it up. And you can take three steps before you have to pass it off to someone else. And if you drop it, it's the other team’s ball. But here is where it gets fun. So normally in ultimate Frisbee you have to give them space. In fact, you can practically tackle them if they have the ball. There aren't really any rules, so long as you don't start a fight. And the objective is to make it down to the other hoop and put it in the basket. Which is pretty hard to do with a football because it bounces really weird! But it's so much fun. I love playing it!

Another thing I love is hearing all of the different stories people have about religion. For example, we were teaching one of our investigators about how Jesus Christ was baptized by John. But he had a different story. Here is how he thought it went. So John the Baptist was carrying people across the river because he was a big man. For some reason Jesus needed to cross this river. So when John was carrying Jesus across the river, he was really heavy and big. (Hence the "there was one greater than he") So in the middle of the river John just let go of Jesus and he fell into the water. And that's how he was baptized! It's fun to hear people’s different perspectives.

Everyone here in the branch is so nice and I love them so much. Whenever I see a man, Brother Herrera, he always teases me about how I wear expensive ties. Then he brags about how he got his for one dollar at the Dollar Tree. I have so far had some of the best days of my life here. Except of course some nights I spent with my family, and prom night with Hannah. But in reality. I love being here, and it's such a blessing.

I love you all so much!
​Nice picture of my eye. Sorry I'm not smiling, I currently can't smile with this haha!
This is what I ended up wearing every day because of the rain!

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