Monday, December 21, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 12-21-15 Newport News, VA

Merry Christmas Family and Friends!

This week has been busy, it doesn't really feel like Christmas is even remotely close! But, during this season, I would like to share with y’all some of my favorite Christmas songs.

Here is my list:
1. Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel.
2. I Wonder as I Wander.
3. Carol of the Bells.
4. God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen.
5. What Child is this (Greensleeves)

Around this time of year, the Spirit of the Lord is so strong. I've felt it especially here as a missionary. People are more willing to open doors and hear a message about our Lord and Savior. It makes me think back to the story of the Christmas during World War One. When on Christmas Eve, the men from both trenches came together to celebrate Christmas. There was even a soccer game in one location. No power on earth could have done this, except for the birth and love of the Savior, and the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters.

Talking about brothers and sisters, I think back to what President Monson said when someone asked him what the best present would be for him to receive on his birthday. Without hesitating, he said "Find someone who is having a hard time, and do something for them." During this Christmas season, I know we can all find someone to serve. I imagine that if we could ask Christ the same question that was asked to President Monson, we would get a similar response.

This week we also had a Christmas program in our branch. We read from Luke 2 about the birth of Christ, and sang songs throughout the program. At the end. Our Branch President got up and said something that really stuck with me. He was talking about how scholars and well learned people argue about when Jesus Christ really was born. He said, "Maybe it was in the winter, in the summer, or in the spring. I don't know. That's never mattered to me. What does matter, when was Christ born in us?"

One more thing, around this Christmas season we have seen many miracles. One of them has been an investigator that we actually ended up dropping, because he said he would never be baptized no matter what. Well, about three weeks ago, we were in church when he walked in the doors and sat down. We were surprised, but we never got the chance to really sit down and talk with him because he had to leave a little before church ended. We stopped by later that week, to ask him how he enjoyed church. Well, a new roommate of his moved in to his house. And we were able to teach him and his roommate again. We invited them to church again. And once again, he came this past Sunday. It's humbled me to see him make changes in his life as he draws closer to God. His attitude on baptism has even changed. He now says that he will be baptized once he knows it's what the Lord wants him to do. That's just a small miracle I want to share this Christmas season.

We as missionaries aren't always perfect, sometimes we misjudge people. But, the Lord doesn't forget about anyone of his dear children. If they are ready, he will do everything in His power to give them the Gospel. I have a testimony that people are prepared by God to hear our message. I have seen it, and continue to see it every week. I am humbled to be called a servant of the Lord. I know I'm not qualified by myself, but through Him and His grace, I am a tool in his hands. We're not perfect. But this Christmas season, let's all try and become a little more like Jesus the Christ. It's humbling to me as well to know that Christ came into this world the same way as each and every one of us. He was born in the most humbling circumstances, and he became the most humble man who has ever lived. He is the gift. That I promise you. Merry Christmas, I love you all so much!

-Elder Adams 

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