Monday, December 28, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 12-28-15 Newport News, VA

Hello Family and Friends!

Well we had Christmas this week. It was fun opening up presents and other festivities, but the best part of my day was talking with my family at home, and with Hannah. It was nice to see them.

After that our Christmas day was really busy! We stayed a little at the Fraydey's house after we called our families, and after we went to eat dinner at the Ramirez house. We had ten minutes in between that dinner and another dinner we had at the Flores house. At the Ramirez, we ate tamales, rice, ribs, and a jello/nut dessert that was really good. We then went to the Flores where we ate more tamales, and after had a dessert of bread that sits in a batter of honey and some other things. Both dinners were really good, unfortunately it was a little hard to put my belt on after both of those dinners!

We also have experienced a miracle in our mission work. It happened the day after Christmas. We had an investigator, whose name was Belkis. We had taught her once, set up another return appointment, but when we went to stop by her house again no one was there. Well we've been really busy these past few weeks teaching people, so we never had a chance to stop by her again, and we had lots of other people that we wanted to continue teaching because they were progressing pretty well. But during daily planning Christmas night, we felt that we needed to stop by her house the next day. So we went and knocked on her door. She opened it, and instantly said "pasen adelante!" So we came into her house, and taught her the Plan of Salvation. We taught her this lesson because recently her daughter was killed in Honduras, so she was going through a really hard time. But after the lesson was really when we were able to see the hand of God in our work. We asked her if she had any questions, and she told us this. "Last time you stopped by I was entering the neighborhood right as you guys were leaving. I honked at you, and you all turned around and looked, but I don't think you realized it was me." She then explained to us that when she got home she felt awful. And she thought she missed her chance, and that we were never going to come back again. She said that no one has ever taken the time to teach her about Jesus Christ, and she wants to learn so she really appreciates us coming back for her even though she missed our last appointment. We assured her that we were going to come back again, because she was practically begging us to teach her more. We offered a closing prayer to end the lesson. We invited her to say it, and she said she had never prayed before. We taught her how, and then she bowed her head to pray. The Spirit was so strong, and I know she felt it too. Halfway through the prayer she stopped, sobbing while she struggled to get words out of her mouth. After the prayer, we also invited her to church which was the next day. She said she would come but she would need a ride because her license plates had just expired. We told her we would do everything we could to make sure she had a ride tomorrow. The first person we called said they couldn't give her a ride because their wife was in the hospital and they wouldn't be attending church the next day. We only had one more family that lived close enough to give them a ride, so when we called them we knew they were our last hope. Well, they gladly accepted to give Belkis a ride to church! So the next day, it was no surprise when Belkis and the Martinez family entered the chapel. But what was surprising was when she entered the church, she waved at several different members! It turns out that she knew about four members of our congregation really well through work. I kept thinking that the circumstances couldn't get better, but I kept being amazed! The sacrament talk we had planned was about salvation for the dead. Which fit perfectly because she had just lost her daughter. Now she knows that she can live forever with her family in Heaven. We went through the rest of church. During the different classes she was able to participate and sit with her friends. Then during Relief Society, we asked the sister missionaries to sit by her. They did, and after told us that she said she was coming back next week. She wants to meet with us as much as possible. Luckily we can because she doesn't have work until the 24 of January, so she told us to come over as much as we can between now and then! We have an appointment later today with her, and we are all really excited to go and teach her!

The last story this week took place this morning. Every transfer we have the option of going to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise and exercise there. So we got up early this morning, and went to the Fort Monroe beach! There we played soccer in the sand, and went for a run on the beach. We were able to watch some large cargo and military boats pass by. After, when we were getting ready to go back, we looked where we had parked and found out we parked right by an old military fort! So we looked around a little bit before we went home to do our studies.

Well, that's all that's happened since Christmas! Thank y’all for your Christmas wishes and all the support I get here. I love y’all.

-Elder Adams

Elder Harrison Adams Skyping on Christmas Day

Spanish Speaking Missionaries at the Christmas Conference

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