Monday, June 20, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 6/20/16 Morehead City, NC

Family and Friends,

We had a really good week again here in Morehead City! This week was the Big Rock tournament. It's the largest marlin fishing tournament in the whole United States. If not just the biggest fishing tournament in the whole United States as well. So the little town of Morehead has been packed! Traffic has been pretty bad, and there are lots of people on the roads. We had a few members in the ward participating in the tournament. The grand prize is 1 million dollars. The winning marlin was over 550 pounds! It was funny because we'd be driving down the road and fishes bigger than I am would just be in the back of a truck in front of us. 

This week we also had Zone Conference. It was the last time that we will be seeing President Baker, as President Weed will be the new mission president as of next Monday. It was sad but it was also really cool to hear President Baker talk about how the keys in the mission presidency work. The second that President Weed sets foot in Virginia he will be the new mission president. And the mantle will transfer from President Baker to President Weed.

I also saw my trainer, Elder Berry, for probably the last time.  He will be going home the end of next transfer and we won't be having any more meetings with his Zone before then. Although this week has been sad with goodbyes, I am also excited for President Weed to come in and know that he will be led as a mission president. 

One of our investigators randomly moved. Luckily he moved somewhere in the same trailer park. We just haven't tracked him down yet. We're also struggling to get investigators to church. There is a soccer league for the Hispanics around here and they have games on Sundays. So people are always going to that. But with the frustration also comes blessings through hard work!

We've seen lots of progress with some people, especially as they delve into the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is sacred scripture. And through reading the Book of Mormon, we will develop a better relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is true. This church is true. And Joseph Smith absolutely saw God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ. If any of you are having a hard time, just remember that One already came before you. He was a man "acquainted with grief," our grief. Let's never forget that. 

I love y'all, and hope you've had a good week! And a special thanks to all of the fathers out there.


Elder Adams

Elder Gibb and Elder Adams

Getting ready to play "Oompa Loompa" at Specialized Training.

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