Sunday, September 18, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 8/29/16 Nags Head, NC

Family and Friends,

This week has been a really great week! We have a new Elder in the house and he is probably the nicest person I have ever met! He's great. We also have a new district leader that is really outgoing and fun as well. So even though it was sad saying bye to a few Elders, it was also fun to welcome the others. Elder Martinez and I have been focusing this week on finding people and selecting the people who are ready and prepared to accept and listen to the gospel. So with that, we've done quite a bit of tracting and following up with former investigators. We were able to find a man called Ricardo (everyone calls him Rico), and he is super prepared for the gospel! It was fun and exciting to teach him. Although he does have work on Sundays, so that will be a little bit of a hurdle. 

Tourist season is starting to die down here. At the peak of the season we had 800+ people here for sacrament, so we had to have our services in the middle school. Normally we've been getting around 300 people but for the past week we've had just a little over 200. Everything around her is starting to die down. Which is sad but also really nice for the traffic. Lots of stores are getting ready to close soon, so in a little while just the big chain restaurants and stores will be open. 

Earlier this morning we were able to go to the Bodie Lighthouse. That was really cool to see, especially since I've been there before when I was little! We also went for a little hike in some sand dunes after. We hadn't planned to do that so we were in our proselyting clothes. Everyone was giving us weird looks haha. 

Just a quick story. A member gave a talk yesterday in church talking about when she went scuba diving. When they were in the boat, the waves were really choppy and the waves were really big. They jumped in the water and she started panicking. The waves were crushing her and she was struggling to descend. Then, she heard the captain yelling to grab a hold of a chain connected to a buoy, and use that to pull herself down. Once she was 15 feet beneath the water, the waves and currents above lost their hold of her and she was in a peaceful, safe environment. Even though we have trials and tribulations in our life, if we listen to our "Captain", He will guide us to safe waters. I know that's true. God sees the bigger picture even when we can't. I hope y'all have a good week, and be safe! 


Elder Adams

Harrison at Bodie Island Lighthouse on a family trip.
Harrison at Bodie Island Lighthouse as a missionary.
Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet in background.
We always cross this bridge on the way to the beach.
Outer Banks dunes.

We went to hear Harrison's trainer, Elder Berry, speak in sacrament meeting after returning home from his mission.

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