Monday, January 11, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 1-11-16 Newport News, VA


This week has been a good week. It had a rocky start, because I was sick all of Tuesday. We had to stay home because I was feeling so sick. But luckily the next day I felt better, and we were able to go right to work!

Just a little bit of news that has been going on recently ICE (the immigration police) has been going around knocking doors to try and find illegals that are living here. Of course, this has made our job ten times harder. If we don't know someone really well, it's almost impossible to get in their door. There is an environment here of panic and fear, not only with our investigators but also with our branch members. So because of this, knocking doors has been absolutely useless this week. We didn't have a whole lot of lessons because of this. It's sad, because if the parents get deported they have to leave their kids here. They practically become orphans.

Some other big news, our most solid investigator and her husband lost their jobs this week. Because of this, they couldn't afford their rent and had to move. They moved down to Norfolk. But we were able to pass them off to the missionaries there, and they should be getting baptized within the next two weeks!

We also had our other investigator, Don Rafa, come to church for the third time! He still has problems with being baptized again, but we are working with him slowly and surely. He doesn't believe the Catholic Church has authority, but his big problem is that his parents baptized him. And he feels like being baptized again would denounce and disrespect his parents. 

This week we also had probably the best lesson of my entire mission. We were knocking some doors in a trailer park, and a man walking on the street walked by and said hi to us. Of course, we went over and did what missionaries do, ask if there is a time that we could share a message with him. He said another day when he had time he would love to. We continued knocking. We got a few doors slammed in our faces, cussed out once or twice, and I was starting to get discouraged.  We were walking back to leave, when we came across this man again! He said a little bit of time just opened up in his day, and we could stop by right then. We went to his house, and met his roommate. We taught both of them the Restoration. Turns out, they were both looking for a church to go to. They have had rough lives, but were looking to change. During the lesson, they even recognized that they were feeling the Spirit! After we went over the first vision with one of them, he stopped and said "this is right. I know it is. I have chills right now." We set them both with baptism dates, and left. Sadly we won't be able to teach them anymore, because they only speak English. But we passed them off to the English Elders, who taught them three times in the next two days, and had them both at church this past Sunday. They are excited to get baptized and are already making changes in their lives.

Well I think it's about time to have a few laughs. So I will tell the funny stories that happened this week. This happened actually a few weeks ago, but I forgot to write about it. We were over at our branch mission leader's house, and we were going to help him put some pieces of wood down in his attic. We all got up in the attic, then started to walk on the trusses avoiding the drywall. Well. Elder Martinez didn't know you can't step on drywall, so within the first ten seconds of being in the attic he took a step on drywall expecting a solid floor. Half of his body fell through the roof, and he barely caught himself on the trusses before his whole body fell through the ceiling! His kids below were watching the television, and when he fell through the ceiling we just heard them scream at the top of their lungs. I still get a small smile trying to picture it from their perspective. Watching tv, then out of nowhere half a body falls through the ceiling above their heads. Haha. Elder Martinez luckily didn't get hurt too badly, he just got a big bruise on his side for a while.

One more funny story…two days ago we were in a lesson. We finished with a prayer, and got up to leave. Then Elder Berry started heading for the door. Elder Martinez and I tried to warn him...but he continued on and opened the door. Well. He went to the wrong door. Even our investigator burst out laughing when Elder Berry opened the door. The door to the closet.

This week has been a lot better than the last. Lots of laughs and hard work. That's what I've found is key for happiness and success. Hard work, and having fun while doing it.

That's all for this week. I love you all so much. Thank you for everything y’all have done and continue to do for me.

-Elder Adams

Photo texted to us by a branch member on Sunday 1-10-16.
Elder Martinez, Elder Berry, and Elder Adams

The sister missionaries in their branch made a Christmas card identical to the one Elder Adams and his companions made.  Pretty funny!

Zone picture.

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