Monday, April 11, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 4/11/16 Morehead City, NC

Family and friends,

This week has flown by! Some really great things happened this week! The first thing is that I was able to eat frog legs for the first time. The Fletcher family feeds us every Thursday and this meal we had frog legs! They had gone gigging the night before and had quite a few, large frogs. It's actually not too hard to cook frog legs. They showed us how to do it so we helped them after. You just take the frog, cut off the top half (you can eat that part but the legs are supposedly the best part), then you cut off the feet and simply peel the skin off the leg. We threw them in a deep fryer, tossed on some seasoning, and then they were ready to go! They tasted...well just like chicken. The only different thing is they had the texture of fish but tasted like chicken so that was a little different. But I really enjoyed them! 

Also this week we had a few really spiritual lessons. The first one was with our investigator Eric Alaniz. Eric is from Tabasco Mexico, and has lived in the States for a few years. Well we've taught him a few times, and this time we taught him the plan of salvation. After the lesson finished he was super interested about where we go after this life, and wanted us to explain it even more. Sadly, we had another appointment so we had to go, but we told him that we would come by again and share more. He immediately asked when we could come back, and he set himself with a return appointment.

Also we had a great lesson with Alex yesterday. He came to church again, which makes about 15 times that he's been to church. Lots of people already think that he's baptized …it's kind of funny. But there is no way Alex isn't going to be baptized. He loves the church too much. But he just needs a little bit of time to think it all through. He thinks over things more than anyone I've ever known. Before every prayer he says he takes at least thirty seconds to gather all his thoughts and think of what he's going to say. Anyhow, after church the Rowland family (Brother Rowland is the ward mission leader) invited us and Alex over to dinner. Well we had already planned to stop by Alex's house that day with Brother Kent, so they also invited Brother Kent to eat with us. After dinner we had a lesson about temples and had a really good discussion about the role and purpose of temples. 

Well those are the exciting things that happened this week! Recently I've been studying in the scriptures Alma 42, with a special focus on how justice and punishment work together. And how punishment is a necessary part in this plan. If it weren't so, God would cease to be God. The Spanish is going good, and I'm learning more each and every day! I hope y’all have a blessed week.


Elder Adams 

Frog legs.
Fort Macon (Civil War fort on Emerald Isle).

Zone P-Day activity.

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