Monday, March 20, 2017

Elder Harrison Adams 3/20/17 Greenville, NC

Family and Friends,

I feel like I say this every week, but we had another really good week here! It's been great to work hard and to see lots of success as well!

We were able to go to a small town a little outside of Greenville called Washington. It's a really pretty town. I'll include some photos. We had a few former investigators to stop by, and we were just making our way around visiting them. Well, we then drove by a dirt road, but felt like we needed to stop and go back. So we get to this dirt road, and go down it. Turns out there was a trailer park hiding behind all the trees! So we go in and we both are instantly attracted to this bright yellow house. We knocked on it several times, but nobody answered. But as we were walking away a Colombian lady stuck her head out the window and started talking to us. She told us to come back the next day, so we did. Well, turns out that this cute little family took missionary discussions about 6 years ago. Spanish missionaries were taken out of the area, and so they weren't able to continue learning. And since they lived in a different area then at that time, we had no teaching record of them or knew that they existed. But, we're teaching them again and they are excited to start coming back to church (they had been several times before).

Another neat experience we had was this past Sunday. We were getting ready to go into ward council when I felt the impression that we needed to stop by a certain family and invite them to church. I wanted to brush off the feeling, because we had invited them the previous night and they said they were for sure going to come, but we decided to go either way and miss ward council. We got to their house and knocked on the door. They answered, and clearly had just woken up when we knocked on their door. Turns out their house lost power the night before so their alarm clock never went off! But, because we stopped by, we were able to see them all at church. They were all so happy to be there, and had a great time.

I'm so grateful for the direction and guidance of the Holy Ghost. In Elder's Quorum we had a lesson on the Holy Ghost, and it seems that our week was packed full of experiences relating to the Holy Ghost. I'm grateful for this gift that God has given us. One of the greatest gifts we can receive here in mortality. I'm also grateful for the role of the Holy Ghost. To testify of righteousness, truth, and to give us revelation and warnings! It doesn't matter if we feel lost sometimes in life, because we have a never-failing compass. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost, for our Lord Jesus Christ, and for our loving Heavenly Father.


Elder Adams

(Washington, or Little Washington depending on how you want to say it!)

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