Monday, May 29, 2017

Elder Harrison Adams 5/15/17 Greenville, NC

Family and Friends,

Hello! This week was a great week! First off I have to say happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! And I just want to say happy Mother's Day to my mom one more time! Sorry I wasn't able to send an email at last week. I'll do a brief recap of what happened. So, two weeks ago we had our special Spanish zone conference. It was fantastic! I little stressful since Elder Mickelson and I were in charge of the whole meeting (a 6-hour meeting). But it was a really good experience and really rewarding as well. It was worth all the hard work that went into it! President and Sister Weed were a little lost during it since it was all in Spanish, but we enjoyed their presence nonetheless!

Okay so that was the main thing that happened two weeks ago. This past week was a hard one, but also rewarding! We put in lots of hard work into the area, and it didn't really seem that we saw any progress or anything come of it. However, on Sunday we were ecstatic to see one of our investigators come to church! He came with his wife who is a a member. In all this was his 5th or 6th time coming to church, and we're glad to see him continuing to progress!

This week we were also asked to teach elder's quorum. We taught lesson 8 from the Gordon B. Hinckley manual and the lesson was all about looking to Christ. The principle message that hit me from this lesson was the statement, "Do we really believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God?" "That he suffered for our sins, and atoned for our wrongs." Later in the lesson it goes on to say that if we do believe in this, then we have every reason to be happy and make the most out of our lives.
A man in our quorum made a comment saying that this was the first Mother's Day he had since his mom had passed away. He went on to say that of course it's hard to not have her in his life, and that he misses her. BUT. Because Jesus Christ is the son of God. And because He existed. This man knew that he would be with his mother again. He knew that everything unfair in this world would be made right. And he had a hope for something greater after this life.
That's one thing that I took from this lesson. Jesus Christ, knowing of His divinity and role, gives us a direction in this life. Without Him, everything we knew would be for nothing. But because He came here, because He lived, we all have our own purpose in this life. So, if ever we need direction in our lives, I know that we can think about and turn to our rock, Jesus Christ. He can give us the motivation and strength we need when we feel like giving up. Because He lived, we'll all live again. And we all have a purpose and direction in this life. I know that Jesus Christ lived, and that He lives today. I love Him, and know that He loves each and every one of us!

Elder Adams

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