Monday, May 16, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 5/16/16 Morehead City, NC

Family and friends,

This week has been a really hard week. Luckily he had the chance for lots of service opportunities, but other than that nothing was falling for us this week! We knocked on lots of doors, tried to see lots of people, and they were all either "ocupado" "cocinando" or "comiendo" (busy, cooking, or eating). If I hear those words again I might blow a gasket in my head...all in all we were only able to teach four lessons this week. Which for this mission is incredibly low. I've never had a week with so much failure and disappointment yet on my mission. 

Luckily though we did have the service opportunities. The first, we went over to a lady’s house who had recently moved. I'm not quite sure why we were cleaning her house or her relation to the church...but it was filthy! When you walked in the house it felt like you got punched by a wall of stench! And then me and Elder Gibb were carrying a box out, when several rats jumped out and ran off! Cockroaches? Yep. There were lots of those too. Anywho. We ended up moving out all the furniture, and tearing up the carpet. We mopped the whole house, cleaned off the walls, and ended up putting in new carpet. The thing I really love about my mission is that it has taught me how to do lots of repairs around a house. I know how to put shingles on the house now, put up sheetrock and paint, tear up and put in new carpet, and how to put in counters! Who says that you only learn spiritual things on your mission?

The other service we did was for a marathon walk/run for autism awareness. It was on Front Street in Beaufort. Our job was to turn cars around who were going to Front Street and tell them they had to go another way. Well, all the other streets got cones, a little fence barricade, or a police officer. But on our street it was just me and Elder Gibb, wearing t-shirts and shorts. We had just come from exercising so we didn't have time to change to our proselites. Maybe if we were dressed up in our shirts and ties people would have listened to us a little more! When we told people they had to go another way, they weren't always too happy. We were almost hit twice by cars just slamming on the gas after and some people had very select words to tell us. It was always funny though to see that same car turn around and drive back up the street, after they realized that it would be impossible to turn farther down! 

This week we also had a great chance to have a specialized training with President and Sister Baker. We had three different workshops where we talked about different aspects of our health. Physical, emotional, and spiritual. For the physical workshop we mostly talked about animals that can kill you here in North Carolina. Spiders, snakes, and all those fun things. For the emotional section we talked about what type of emotion we are. I guess there are four different colors that define the motives of someone. Red=Power Blue=Intimacy White=Peace Yellow=Fun. We took a test and I scored to be a white, with blue being a close second. Finally, we met with President Baker and talked about how we can become spiritually self-reliant on our missions, and how that's going to carry on for the rest of our lives. He also told us, that although we are away from school and things such as that for two years, we will come back and be a lot better off than if we had just gone to school.

After all the workshops we had an Oompa Loompa activity with the whole zone. Even President Baker and his wife played with us. Actually, President Baker hit a half-court shot with one second left to end the game. Everyone went crazy. 

Well that's really all that's been going on this week. I hope you are all doing well and know that I love you all so much!

Elder Adams

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