Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 7/18/16 Nags Head, NC

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been full of lots of change! I left Morehead City Wednesday, at 4 in the morning. A member (Brother Willis) drove us all the way to Portsmouth, Virginia. There I waited with some other missionaries while the training missionaries had a meeting. After that I got on the transfer van, drove back down to Elizabeth City, and then spent a little bit of time with the Zone Leaders there while the Nags Head Elders were driving up. When the Nags Head Elders got here, we exchanged and then I headed down to Nags Head. Our house is literally the house right next to the church, and is about a 20 second walk from our door to the church doors. We also live in a beach house, with the English Elders. It's really nice and roomy, I'll be sure to include photos next week. 

The ward here is really nice. Although it's very confusing at the same time. Lots of people have weird last names, there are 4 different Spencer families in the ward, and 2 Buchanan families. Also no one here uses last names, you call everyone by there first name. Our ward mission leader, Paul Spencer, owns the company Spencer Yachts. He makes million dollar yachts. Ironically, he can't afford one of the boats he makes. 

The area here is really nice. We're right on the beach really anywhere we go. And everyone working in restaurants here (other than local restaurants) is foreign. I guess lots of foreign people come here during the summer to work. There are also 100 horse statues on the island. I guess lots of missionaries here try to make it a goal to take pictures with every one of them. Something a little different about this area, is that we don't work in trailer parks very much. The majority of Hispanics around here live in the beach houses. You'll knock on a house, and there will be 20 different Hispanics living in the one house. It's different than what I'm used to. Although we do have a few trailer parks that we work it. 

 We had lots of visitors at church so it was hard for me to know who was just visiting and who was a local. Traffic here is also horrible with all the people coming. But I finally get to drive, which I haven't done in about 11 months. It's nice to know I still remember how to do it! Something that's really impressed he here is the unity of the ward. Everyone here is family. The ward is especially mindful and accepting of the Hispanic population here. Everyone really loves each other, and you can feel that special spirit. We had a service project for a widow, and lots of members came and helped out. They were all joking, laughing together, and talking like they were all best friends. It made me think on how my relationship is, and how it should be, with other people. Since we profess so boldly that we are the only true church of Jesus Christ, we should all strive to be Christlike and show that love to everyone. 

I hope y'all have a good week, and be safe!

-Elder Adams

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