Monday, September 28, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams 8-20-15 MTC

This week has been an adventurous one! To start off I will tell some funny stories that happened throughout the week.

So while staying here I have made some friends from South Korea, they hardly speak English but we still manage to communicate somehow. And they wanted to play basketball with me and my district. So we all got together and played basketball (which I’m sure was a funny sight because the tallest one was probably about 5’2″). Needless to say we won.

Also this week some new Elders from the Pacific Islands arrived. They had never heard of warheads (the candy) before so we gave them each about three. One of them just spat it out, the other fell to the ground and clenched every muscle in his whole body, and the last one just smiled and said “These are good!”

Also this week I had a really bad bloody nose and a lot of blood got on my nice white shirt. Luckily when I washed that shirt today it all came out, and it helped that Elder Pearson gave me some bleach wipes.

This week has had some of the longest and most challenging days of my life. Aside from being physically exhausted all the time from all of the lifting we do, I also feel at times that my brain is growing so much that it’s getting squished inside my skull! But my Spanish is coming along really well still, and I’m learning so much more everyday. 

Although I am having a fantastic time here. I do miss all of my family and friends! Aside from that, the things I miss most are…

1. Naps


3. Driving

And also, today while doing the laundry, the sound of the dryer reminded me of home. It made me a little bit homesick, but I think it’s natural to be. But I love it here and I’m doing so much!

This week we taught all in all probably about 15 lessons. Of course all in Spanish. And we even were able to teach an investigator named José Mesa. We didn’t know he was an investigator at first though, because they never tell you if you’re teaching actual members or investigators. But here is the story of how we found out.

So me and my companion went in and started teaching about the Book of Mormon. It was really hard to get to him, because he had a lot of problems about Joseph Smith and the fact that our church was three hours long. He thought church should only be fifteen minutes. But we testified to him that the Book of Mormon was the word of God, and he told us to prove it. We opened the scriptures to Third Nephi, Chapter 11 (when Christ visited the Americas). We asked him to read verses 3-12, but we were surprised that after he had reached verse twelve he just kept reading. We didn’t really know what to do, but you could tell that he was engrossed in the scriptures so we let him read for about another five minutes. After, we asked him what he thought about that, and he said “That touched my heart. It was very beautiful. And I know that’s the word of God.” Well we were able to end the lesson on that note, and we left. But our teacher came the next day and told us that José was an actual investigator. And because of our lesson he asked our teacher if he could take lessons from the missionaries serving in Provo. I thought that was really cool. If you guys haven´t read that chapter in a while, I´d go read it. There is truly something magnificent that happens.

Well that´s all for now! I miss and love you all so much. But I know this is where I´m meant to be. 

-Love Elder Adams

Elder Adams' MTC District.

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