Monday, September 28, 2015

Elder Harrison Adams’ First Letter from the MTC

Dear Family,

Okay. Here is a report on my first week at the MTC. My companion’s name is Elder Mickelson. He went to Lone Peak High School and swam there. He actually won state for the swimming relay. We get along super well, he is really nice, and we have lots of laughs. Also, we are going to the same mission, and both leave the MTC the same day. So we could potentially fly to Virginia together! I’ll let you know who everyone in my district is—Elder Peterson, Elder Pearson, Elder Mickelson, Elder Clark, Elder Hilton, Elder Hale, and Elder Cutler. The sisters in my district are Sister Eldrige Sister Swenson and Sister Buchanon. We are basically family now, and know pretty much everything about each other. And sister Buchanon is also serving in the same mission as me. There hasn’t been a single day here that I have not cried from laughter, Elder Pearson is the funniest person I have ever met. But along with having fun, we also get a lot done.

I arrived at the MTC on Wednesday, and the next day, I was teaching an investigator who only spoke Spanish. My Spanish is coming along really well, but it is really hard, since I need to learn things about the gospel in Spanish. But every day now we teach at least two investigators (of course they all only speak Spanish), but me and Elder Mickelson do a great job. The Spirit is really strong here, and it can be felt when we teach.

The food here is fine, not commendable, but I am always full. As a district we always workout together, and since four of the eight elders in our district were former football players, we have gone heavy lifting almost everyday. But I enjoy doing it so it doesn’t bother me.

At night after all of our classes, we get together and study Spanish. The Elders in my room have me teach them about the Spanish language. It turns out, I actually know the most out of the whole district, so they are always asking me how to conjugate a verb or say something in Spanish. My teachers are Brother Gomez and Brother Draught, they are both super friendly and nice. It’s hard because they only speak Spanish, but after a day or two of it it’s become natural. Now I say all of my prayers in Spanish, even the ones in my head. It’s hard to sit in a class for ten hours a day, and I do miss all my family and friends, but I know that I am supposed to be here. Ever since my first day here that was clear to me.

We have had the opportunity to give all of the sisters in our district priesthood blessings, and also one Elder who needed one. I was able to give my very first blessing to Sister Swenson. I never really understood when people said that they “just knew what to say.” But as I gave my first blessing, words came from my mouth that I hadn’t even thought of, and I said things that were powerful and true, the Spirit manifested that to me.

On a side note, me and my companion have picked up some habits from each other. For instance, he now always goes up the stairs two at a time. And now I always spend about thirty seconds cleaning out my toothbrush after I am done brushing my teeth (yes mom we brush our teeth, in case you were wondering). Also, my companion loves doing handstands. He has taught me how to hold a handstand, and now I can walk about thirty feet while in a handstand position. Our goal is to be able to walk down the residence halls on our hands by the end of our stay at the MTC.

I love it here, but my sense of time is skewed. The days have felt like weeks, and this week has felt like a day. It’s weird to think that there is a world going on outside the MTC. But I guess I’ll get used to it. Today we get to go to the temple, and everyone is super excited. It will be nice to have a relaxing day, because all we ever do is work. If we’re not learning Spanish we’re learning about the gospel, if we’re not learning about the gospel we’re teaching someone, and if we aren’t doing any of those things we are eating. That pretty much sums up everyday I have spent here. But know that I’m having a good time here, and everyone in our district has come to deeply love one another.

Tanner was right when he told me that I’ll make some of my best friends here at the MTC, I think I already have!

Much love,

Elder Adams

Elder Adams minutes before entering the MTC.

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