Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 11/1/16 Newport News, VA

Hellooooo family and friends! I have quite a few good stories this week so buckle down!

To start off. The Sister Training leaders who live in our same apartment complex have been pranking us quite a bit. So we decided we would get them back. So we all carved pumpkins, sent them on a scavenger hunt, and then at the end we threw pies in their faces and got thing with silly string. I'll include a few photos.

This week we also had our branch Halloween party. We've been getting a lot of hate from people recently that we celebrate Halloween. I've been surprised just how many people hate Halloween. But this past Thursday we had a party, and we got so many people to come. At the end I believe we had around 19 investigators at the party! It was mostly based around little kids, but everyone had a good time! 

One more story which I'm still a little bitter about. So we had just eaten at a potentials house, and we sat down to teach him a lesson. Well in the middle of the lesson it felt like I had a rock in my shoe that was digging into my toe. So I wiggled my toe a little bit, and the pain got a lot worse. At this point I jammed my toe against the side of my shoe to try and make it stop, and the pain got excruciating! So in the middle of the lesson I yanked off my shoe, looked down at my toe, and saw a needle sticking halfway into my toe! I don't know how. But one of Elder Armstrong's sewing needles somehow got into my shoe, and then later into my big toe. He says he doesn't know how it got in my shoe but I don't know if I believe him. If I go missing in the next few weeks, you know who to look for. 

Well I should probably talk about the food I ate this week. Since I seem to do it in almost every letter.  But I can't help it because the food here is so delicious! So a list of foods I ate this week. Sopes, camarones, carne asada, sopa de frijoles, pupusas, ceviche, flounder, ratones....I am in love with Hispanic food. It's the best thing ever! 

We also had a mission tour yesterday, which was why this email is coming out today. Elder Bennet came and talked to us all yesterday. And it was such a great experience. I wish Y'all could have been there to feel the spirit that was present. I know that he is a servant of God, just like I know the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are servants called of God. I love and support our church leaders.

Well that's it for this week! Y'all have a wonderful week and stay out of trouble! 

Pumpkins we carved. Left to right: Mine, Elder Armstrong's, Elder Luque's. 

Sisters after we got them. 

Halloween Party

You know you're in the right trailer park when you see this...

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