Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Elder Harrison Adams 11/21/16 Newport News, VA

Family and Friends,

Well hello! How are Y'all doing? So I'll talk a little about our week. We had to move to a new apartment that hadn't had missionaries in it for at least 8 months. So me and my new companion, Elder Claridge, get to the apartment and it was a pretty big mess! Lots of stuff lying around, no light bulbs worked, etc. Well to make it all the better, we go to use the bathroom and it got backed up for no reason. So we try to move some water from the toilet over to the shower so we can plunge it, but then we realized that our shower didn't drain! We started plunging our shower and this really gross brown water and lots of hair started coming up. After doing that for a while we finally called someone in and they were working on it the whole day and night. So we didn't have a toilet or shower for our first day in this new apartment. Luckily now we got everything squared away!

Oh also my new address is:

Elder Harrison Adams
456 F Cox Landing
Newport News, VA 23608

A little bit about my new companion. His name is Elder Claridge. He is from Mesa, Arizona. And we get along really well. He loves sports. Was a quarterback in high school, played soccer, and ran track. He also wants to be a nuclear physicist. Needless to say, we have a lot in common. Also, a fun fact about him, he knows literally everything there is to know about Star Wars! 

This week the Hernandez had a birthday party and they invited us over for food and cake. We had sopa de siete mares and it was the hottest thing I have eaten on my mission! All the Hispanics there were crying from how hot it was, so you can imagine how bad it was for a gringo like me! But it was super good. It had crab, scallops, clams, shrimp, and octopus in it. We also had some really good ceviche and pastel. 

As for this week, we've done a lot of knocking doors. Our area got shortened quite a bit and it's been hard to get people to teach. And most of the people we taught before were single woman or the husband was working during the day. Now that there are two of us we can only enter the house if there is a third male, which there rarely is during the day.

So the work has been pretty hard this week! Lots of walking. Lots of hard work. And sometimes that's what we need in life. What I've found on my mission, is that hard work can solve any problem. Whether it be a problem with a relationship, a financial problem, or a spiritual problem. If we put in our part and do all we can, then of course God is going to step in and help us out! He loves us, and would do anything to see us happy. So long as it is within His will and we do our part. I love being a missionary, and sharing the gospel. It's the best thing in the world! 

Love Y'all!

Elder Adams

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