Monday, July 17, 2017

Elder Harrison Adams 6/12/17 Greenville, NC

Family and friends,

So recently the primary in my home ward asked me a bunch of questions, and I was thinking about including them below. But real quick, we had a good week here. We had a meeting with Elder Curtis, Jr. of the Seventy. It was fantastic and we talked a lot about hope. Having hope in finding people, missionary work, and life in general! Transfer calls are coming up this next Saturday, so I'll be sure to let Y'all know what will happen with that! Okay. Here is what I wrote to the primary! They asked me questions, and so I put their questions and then my response afterwards.

"To the Valiant 11-B Class:
What do I do? As a missionary I go and teach people about Jesus Christ. I teach them about families, and about the gospel.

What do I eat? With lots of the members they will give us tacos, papusas, floutas, rice, and beans.

What do I do for fun? Every Monday we have a little bit of time to relax. Normally we'll play some sports, like basketball or volleyball.

How is it teaching on my mission? Teaching on my mission is super fun! Lots of people like to hear about God and Jesus Christ, and it feels really good to teach them.

What is the weather like? During the summer it gets really hot and humid. During the winter it can get a little cold, but it normally doesn't snow. We do get lots of rain.

What is something funny that has happened? When I was learning Spanish, I made a few mistakes! Onetime I was trying to tell someone I ate eggs for breakfast, and I accidentally told him that I ate eyes for breakfast!

What is the weirdest thing I have eaten? Probably the weirdest thing I have eaten was pigs feet, or pigs tail.

How old am I? Right now I am 20 years old.

What do I normally do on P-day? Lots of times we'll play sports, board games, and sometimes we go bowling.

Where is my companion from? He is from Austin, Texas.

Do I walk drive or ride a bike? We are lucky and get to drive cars.

How far away is our church building? It's about 10 minutes driving from where we live.

What made me want to serve a mission? I wanted to serve a mission so that I could help people be with their families forever.

To the Valiant 9-A Class:

What do kids do for fun down here? Lots of kids like going to the ocean to swim. Lots of kids also play baseball and soccer.

Did I get to see the world cup or the Olympics? No.

What is my favorite thing to do out here? I love to teach people about Jesus Christ.

What is the weather like? The weather is hot, and really humid!

What is my favorite sport? My favorite sport is lacrosse.

What is my favorite food? It's hard to choose, but I really like papusas and also sopes.

What's my favorite thing here? I love how many trees there are. We are surrounded by tons of tall trees!

What's my favorite book? Well on the mission, of course my favorite books or the church books! The Book of Mormon, the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and Preach My Gospel. But back home I really liked the Ranger's Apprentice books."
After answering these questions, I was reflecting a little bit on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thinking about the primary kids and the answers that I should give them, it made me think of how simple this Gospel is. It's easy to understand. It's plainly laid out for us. So, it's not a question of whether we understand it or not, rather, are we willing to live it. I know it might not always be easy to live the commandments, or to stand up for what's right, but I do know that it will bring peace in this life and blessings in the life after as well. Thank y'all so much for your love and prayers! We for sure feel it as missionaries. Love Y'all!
Elder Adams
1. We said goodbye to the Canseco family as they are moving to Mexico for a few months.

2. We decided to grill this week. It actually turned out super good!

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